May 21, 2010

Interesting TAG from kak Jue

This tag is called as "Interesting Tag"....hmmm..interesting nih...nak tau gak apa yang interesting ngan tag ni...
jom kita baca rules of this tag...***tak sah klu tag x der rules....hehehe...**


a. It’s harder than it’s looks….
b. Copy to your own notes….
c. Erase my answers…..
d. Enter yours and tag twenty (20) people…..
f. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following question.They have to be real.Nothing made up.If the person before u had the same first initial, u must use different answers.
g. You cannot use any word twice…..
h. You can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question…..

Okay...rules dah baca...sekarang nak jawab plak...

~ What is your name ~ Irnie.. start with I.. gler susah nk jwab ta nie ngan huruf I.. hu3
~ A four letter word ~Inti.. tiba2 kuar inti coz teringat ptg nie nk wat inti cucur badak..
~ A boy’s name ~ Iqfan..
~ A girl’s name ~ Irna.. kasih nur irna.. waaa sedap3
~ An Occupation ~ Instructor
~ A colour ~ Indigo.. indigo calour pe eik??? Uggu eik???
~ Something u wear ~ Inner..
~ A food ~ Ice cream.. weh.. ice cream wall rocky roads 2 gler xsedap.. marshmallow die lembik2.. wek
~ Something found in the bathroom ~ iblis.. nk2 time azan.. haha
~ A place ~ Iceland.. tempat lahir ak dlu.. 2 name ak mula huruf I jugak.. wakaka
~ A reason for being late ~ Ingatkan janji kul 12 mlm td,, upenya kul 8 mlm.. ngehngehngeh
~ Something u shout ~ iiiiee.. xsukenya,, benci
~ A movie title ~ I love u.. tp asenya dpn title nie de psi.. ermmm laynnn
~ Something u drink ~ ice blanded + ice ketul.. minuman org2 kayap je k..
~ A musical group ~ In-Team.. waaa lyn lagu nie beb.. sbelum tido wajib dgr.. klu x,, xlena tidoq..
~ An animal ~ Iguana.. alaaa yg muke die mcm itik kacuk ngan ikan 2.. ngeee
~ A street name ~ irniesafran street.. de kat aus.. korg penah p x??? haha
~ A type of car ~ Iswara.. alaaa xglem nyeee..

Then tag to 20 people
uhhu.. klu malas nk tag smpai 20 leh x???
Sape2 yg rajin dialu-alukan membuat TAG ini! Sy nk 20 org rajin.. hehehe >>kemalasan tahap melampau.. copypaste link dorg je.. ehehehe.. xpe2.. usaha irnie dlm tgkatkn trafic korg gak nie.. wink3<<

Arigatokozaimas to kak Jue coz jemput irnie wat tag nie.. mmg pening.. bukn irnie je y pening,, adik2 n ibu irnie pun tumpang pening.. hehehe.. jemput2 la irnie lg k.. muahmuahmuah.. syg kak Jue


aesthetic said...

haha..iguana muke cm kucing ke??

irnie @ ninie said...

hahaha.. eh x.. salah.. da tukar.. muka kacuk mcm itik+ikan.. hahaha

JUE said...

Wow...irnie telah jawab dgn jayanye! Congrats2...

Er nak wat tag ni mmg kena menyusahkan org lain kn? hehe... Kwn k.jue lagi la...sbb dia dh tlg k.jue jwb tag tu..dia x bg k.jue tag dia plak! Cait!!! ;P

irnie @ ninie said...

hahaha.. xdela kak jue.. enjoy je jwb tag2 nie.. nnt jemput irnie lg k.. irnie sedia menjawb.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

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